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We give niche brands the opportunity to craft a unique voice and thriving brands the ability to exceed their standards of identity.

Siren is a powerhouse design studio based in Vancouver and serves clients in every corner of the world. A boutique team of creatives that are genuinely passionate about branding and design, that’s exactly who we are. Because that’s exactly what it takes.


Siren is a multidisciplinary full-service firm dedicated to producing results worth sharing. Founded in 1987 by Jim Yue and David Cheng, Siren continues to grow and thrive 34 years later.

With our continued success over the years, we provide our longtime loyal clients mutually rewarding relationships.Big success doesn’t mean sterile offices and less contact. Not for us. Siren’s “stay small” strategy has been successful, allowing us to stand by our clients and watch them succeed.

Siren has worked with an array of clients, from the humblest startups to the world’s most reputable brands. There is no discrimination at Siren, we accept challenges and work with anyone interested in innovating and elevating. We do this by focusing on results — real results that have been honored with both national and international awards.

Our choice not to specialize provides us with a unique opportunity to diversify our portfolio and therefore, provide all clients with unique results. With a humble work ethic that treats all clients as partners — Siren has mastered the art of rendering service.

We have created a new standard for brand identity and communication, a standard that has innovated, evolved, and withstood the test of time.

Who we are


Jim Yue

Jim knows a thing or two about branding and design. A simple can-do-it-all man with a profound ability to give intangible ideas the physical manifestation they deserve. Born, raised, and proudly living in East Vancouver, Jim has created a balanced oasis that keeps him between the intriguing universe of design and the rooted world of family. With a serious passion for learning, Jim uses his curiosity to immerse himself in new worlds and in turn, learns new ways to innovate and understand reality. Whether it’s photography, vintage cameras, classic toys, or his classic ‘70 BMW 2002ti, there is always something new to learn. His favorite color is Colorado 002.


David Cheng

An artist with an intuitive ability to draw inspiration from within. David was born in Hong Kong and moved to Vancouver with his family at the age of 10. His passion for drawing and painting began with early 1970’s Japanese anime and manga. After studying graphic design at local colleges and earning two graphic design degrees, David’s abilities grew and he continued to excel in the arts. David’s everyday goal is to turn overseen objects and settings into fascinating studies of light, shadow, and form. David is a visual designer with an eye for small details, appealing to the human senses, and invoking the present moment.

Core Values

The principles that guide the way we work.


At Siren, we value honesty and fairness above all. We conduct our work with an open heart, and in turn, people trust both our process and results. Without honesty and fairness, we are nothing. Integrity is the foundation on which we build loyal relationships, trust, and effective results for our longtime clients.


At Siren, we are not fulfilling a job, we are working together to ensure our clients are satisfied with proven results. From vendors to clients, we ensure we all have a common goal, the goal of innovating and pushing boundaries with every project we decide to take on.


Authenticity in design, that is what we strive for. The quality of our results comes from the genuine passion we weave into our process. The Siren work ethic undoubtedly creates quality results because failure cannot thrive in an environment that is authentic and genuine.


Siren believes that balance is the key to results worth sharing. Just like water seeks its level, Siren looks for balance in all work environments. A balance of fun mixed with hard work creates a personable relationship with our team that creates proven results and loyal clients.